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Then the lightning storm strikes — and sensibility turns to sci-fi chaos. A non-human race is exposed in plain sight. These are alien invaders with an agenda, fully realized from fanged teeth to bulbous heads to stretchy exo-goop wingspans. We know that extraterrestrials intend to colonize Earth but first need to figure out how to breathe our life-giving air.

My question marks are indicative of how the film introduces information, us grasping for straws as plotting chugs forward without permitting proper time for twists to sink in. Now it lies dormant as a shell of its former self: dry, desolate, and looking slightly awkward amongst the trees.

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You came here to visit Satan's lair, so we'll start the directions from square one: park the car and start walking in the direction toward the freeway. You'll come across this snazzy bridge, which actually has some pretty killer views of the surrounding Valleys. Just keep following the path downhill until you come across some creepy wooden things you'll know what I'm talking about. Then turn right, which will lead you toward a creek in the woods. Just keep making your way forward, even if it takes switching paths or knocking bushes down. Graffiti welcomes you as you inch closer to your eternal doom, but where's the man with the horns and pitchfork?

Ah ha! The large rock you see above, which is where the tunnel gets its evil moniker from, is said to resemble Satan's profile. However, does the satanic resemblance hold up as proof that this is an entrance to the netherworld?

DEVIL’S GATE: Pasadena’s Personal Portal to Hell

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