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Neon Exclamation Surprise Fifty. Surprise Stripe - Pink Sugar Paper. Quelle Surprise. Don't Blow It - Salmon Hello! Surprise Inside. The Loudest Whisper - Black. Not A Peep! Cheree Berry. Last Door on the Left. The Quiet Game. Celebration Stars Linda and Harriett. Do Not Break Seal.

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Do Not Break Seal Photo. The Gilded Age Eighty. Let's Celebrate - Red Linda and Harriett. Champagne Glasses. Curtain Raiser. Amuse Kelly Wearstler. Shhh Ashley G. Red Letter - S John Derian. Space Age Stars Photo. Space Age Stars. Ssshhh - Gray bluepoolroad.

Plan Your Surprise Party Ideas in 10 Easy Steps

Keep It Quiet - Black with Gold. Behind the Blinds. Mum's the Word bluepoolroad. Red Carpet. Wheatpaste Poster. Surprise Break bluepoolroad. A Call for Mr. Felix Mr. White Tall. If you are having the party at the honoree's place, you'll need to wait until they're not at home and decorate quickly. Choose decorations that are simple to put up. Ensure that the honoree won't be able to see the decorations before they walk in to the main party room.

Keep decorations away from windows that the honoree could look into as they walk in.

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Decorate for a party at another space. If you're not hosting the party at the honoree's house, you can easily set up decorations in advance. You can decorate with the theme of the party, your honoree's favorite colors, or standard birthday decorations like balloons and streamers. Remember that the entrance to the party room should not give away the surprise, so avoid putting up banners or balloons in the entryway. Ask a few of the guests to help you set up decorations before the other guests arrive. Give the guests party details. Once guests have RSVP'd, call them or leave more detailed information on a social media page that the honoree can't see.

To keep the party a secret, tell the guests where they can park, where to put gifts or food when they arrive, any costume or dress-code requirements, and an exact time to show up usually about 30 minutes before the big surprise. This increases the risk that the honoree will find out about the surprise. Choose a chaperone for the honoree. Find a chaperone who will escort the honoree while you plan and set up the party. Pick a chaperone that the honoree feels comfortable with such as a spouse or best friend. The chaperone can distract and redirect the honoree until it's time for the surprise party.

Tell the chaperone that you may contact them if you need them to stall for more time or get the honoree to the party right away. Plan a fake event to throw off the guest of honor.

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The easiest way to distract the honoree is to plan a different event that they know about. For example, have the chaperone invite the honoree out to dinner or an activity.

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Your honoree won't be as suspicious if they're already planning on doing something fun. They should do something fun so the honoree doesn't want to go home early. Ensure that the honoree will be dressed appropriately for the surprise party.

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For example, if the party will be fancy dress, the honoree should be dressed for a similar activity so they're in fancy dress too. Go through a to-do checklist before the party starts. To keep track of all the party details, make a checklist. List the things you need to set up, when you should prepare the food, where you'll set up the sound systems, etc. You can use your checklist to delegate things to guests. You can also ask guests to be lookouts for when the honoree shows. Tell guests what you want them to do when it's time for the surprise. Direct the guests about what they should do so no one accidentally gives away the big surprise.

You could have them all jump out and yell, "Surprise! Ask the honoree to help plan a surprise party for someone else. If you really want to distract the honoree, ask them to get together with you to plan someone else's surprise party.

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This works great if you don't have a lot of time to distract the person from the party. You could invite the honoree to the venue and have them meet you in a room that isn't decorated. When you're ready to surprise them, lead them into the party room. For example, if the party is at your house, decorate the main rooms and ask the honoree to meet you near the back of your house.

When you're ready, you can lead them into the party room. Tell the honoree you forgot something. If you're the chaperone and you're out having fun with the honoree, you'll need to get them to the surprise birthday party at some point. You can tell them that you accidentally "forgot" something important at the house and need to go back to get it. This tactic will only work if the party is at your house or the honoree's house. Ask the honoree to go with you on an errand. If the party is at a venue such as a restaurant or park , meet up with the honoree. After spending a little time with the honoree, ask them if they wouldn't mind running a short errand somewhere.

Take the honoree to the surprise party venue. For example, you could be out for coffee together.

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After a little while, say, "A few days ago I left my jacket at the restaurant down the street. Do you mind if we swing by and I can grab it? Give a heads up. If you're the chaperone, text the host of the party 10 minutes before you bring the honoree to the party. If you don't think you can do this secretly, tell the host to have a guest posted near the entrance so they can alert the other guests that the honoree is arriving.

You don't want to waste the surprise on just another guest instead of the honoree. My mom's birthday is in a few days, should I invite her friends without asking? This is most likely a good idea, but if you don't know her friends well, you may need some help.