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Price describes Wilmarth as "the model Lovecraft protagonist. Wilmarth starts out blissfully ignorant and only too late learns the terrible truth, and that only after a long battle with his initial rationalistic skepticism. Henry Akeley became a noted academic, probably in the study of folklore. His wife died in after giving birth to his only heir, George Goodenough Akeley. When he retired, Akeley returned to his ancestral home, a two-story farmhouse in the Vermont hills near the slopes of Dark Mountain. In September , he was visited by Professor Wilmarth, who was researching bizarre legends of the region.

Shortly thereafter, Akeley disappeared mysteriously from his mountaintop home—though Wilmarth believed that he fell victim to the machinations of the sinister Fungi from Yuggoth.

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Some scholars, including Robert M. Price , have suggested that the possible creature masquerading as Akeley is actually Nyarlathotep , due to a quote from what the Mi-go chant on the phonograph record: "To Nyarlathotep, Mighty Messenger, must all things be told. And He shall put on the semblance of men, the waxen mask and the robe that hides, and come down from the world of Seven Suns to mock Lupoff explores the overlooked possibility that perhaps Akeley did not fall prey to the Mi-go as is generally supposed, but instead joined them willingly.

Lupoff , describes Akeley, inspired by the evangelist Aimee McPherson , starting a sect called the Spiritual Light Brotherhood and serving as its leader, the Radiant Father. After his death, his granddaughter Elizabeth Akeley took over the role. In , Lovecraft took a trip through rural Vermont with a man named Arthur Goodenough. During his jaunt, he met a local farmer with a name that bears a striking resemblance to the ill-fated character of Lovecraft's tale: one Bert G. A largely unknown man who is allied with the Mi-Go, or the Outer Ones and is connected with both the disappearance of a local farmer, a man named Brown, and the security of the Mi-Go camp.

He aided Wilmarth upon his arrival in Brattleboro and took him to Akeley's home.

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Afterward, Noyes is seen and heard sleeping on the sofa during Wilmarth's escape. The following passage from The Whisperer in Darkness lists the names of various beings and places that occur in the works of Lovecraft and other writers:. In "The Whisperer in Darkness", narrator Albert Wilmarth initially dismisses those who believe that nonhuman creatures inhabit the Vermont hills as "merely romanticists who insisted on trying to transfer to real life the fantastic lore of lurking 'little people' made popular by the magnificent horror-fiction of Arthur Machen.

He writes:. I would go so far as to make essentially a rewriting, a new version of Machen's. In both cases we have a professor, an antiquarian, following his avocational interests in what most would dismiss as superstition on a dangerous expedition into a strange region of ominous domed hills. He is lured by a curiously engraved black stone which seems a survival from an elder prehuman race now hidden in those mysterious hills.

Wilmarth remains behind to tell the tale, like Machen's Miss Lally. Price points out parallel passages in the two stories: Where Machen asks, "What if the obscure and horrible race of the hills still survived? Where Machen mentions "strange shapes gathering fast amidst the reeds, beside the wash in the river," [18] Lovecraft tells of "certain odd stories of things found floating in some of the swollen rivers. But he even improves on Bierce in creating a shuddering background of horror—a vague, disquieting memory which makes one reluctant to use the faculty of recollection too vigorously.

The idea of keeping a human brain alive in a jar with mechanical attachments allowing sight, hearing, and speech to enable travel in areas inhospitable to the body might have been inspired by the book The World, the Flesh, and the Devil by J.

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Bernal , which describes and suggests the feasibility of a similar device. The book was published in , just a year before Lovecraft wrote his story.

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