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The Zoo owns and operates a water park called Zoombezi Bay that is connected to the Zoo. For more information on Zoombezi Bay click here. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is open days of the year, rain or shine! In fact, many of the animals are more active during the rain or in colder weather making it a great time to visit.

Some animals from warmer climates such as Africa, Australia and Indonesia, are unable to tolerate cold weather. While many of these animals can be seen in their indoor habitats some species can not be viewed. Animals may also be taken off exhibit for a variety of other reasons including exhibit maintenance, environmental conditions and health concerns.

The largest primates, they have dense and muscular bodies. Their arms are long relative to their legs. Their arm-span can be more than 96 inches. Their coat is wiry and varies in color with various shades of brown, black, red and gray. Dentition is the same as man.

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As males enter adulthood, around 15 years old, they develop a broad, silvery-white saddle along the back, extending over the rump and thigh as they age. At that point, therefore, the male is called a "silverback".

Hair length varies over different parts of the body. Hair on the chest is sparse-to-absent, as is the hair on the center of the face, fingers, toes, and underside of the hands and feet. Their skin is jet black almost from birth. Compared with the female, the male develops more pronounced jaw muscles that attach to the top of his skull, called the "sagittal crest".

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The brow bone is pronounced, the ears small and the nostrils are splayed and heavily padded. Females achieve their full size around age Infants born in human care weigh 3. More Info. Know Before You Go. Our employees are here for you. If you have any questions during your visit please feel free to ask any staff member. Getting Around The Zoo Please note we do not offer transportation once you are inside the Zoo, so we recommend you wear comfortable shoes. Please note that the zoo car parks close a maximum of 30 minutes after the zoo closes. Spirit is located inside the Kingdom of the Wild.

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This outlet offers hot and cold drinks as well as ice creams. Located by Dragons of Komodo, Naughty and Nice offers delicious snacks and sandwiches for you to indulge in during your visit. Located next to Tiger Taiga, our chip shop offers tasty chips with your choice of dip, plus delicious chicken bites. Our chips are palm oil free ma.

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The Snack Shack is located outside Pengu. Mr Whippy is a. Located on the corner of Elephant Kingdo. Our sausages are locally sourced and served in a soft brioche bun. Playa Patagonia Ice Cream is situated next to our 24m tunnel that takes you under the water at the Playa Patagonia Sealion enclosure, through to Or. Situated next to Chimpanzee Lookout, thi. The Patisserie offers fantastic table service in a relaxing environment.

With a selection of light lunches, such as freshly-made sandwiches and sal. Located next to the meerkat enclosure, t. Please be aware that Penguini's will open at the slightly later time of Plan Your Visit Visiting Today. Quick Links. Book Tickets. Plan Your Day. Zoo Map.

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  • Oakland Zoo *CLOSED* Due to Weather.
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  • Last admissions to zoo grounds in 1 hour before closing. What's On Now.