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Dry the connections and firmly reconnect the tubes with a quarter turn. Resume the feeding, replacing the estimated volume lost during the disconnection.

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Silicone balloons generally last several months, but the life span of the balloon varies due to several factors, including medication administration, volume of water used to fill the balloon, gastric pH, and extent of tube care. If your specialist has given you different instructions for this procedure, follow them instead of what appears here.

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Flush:Before and after each feedingBefore and after giving medicationsEvery 3 to 4 hours during continuous feedingsAfter checking for stomach content residualsDo not mix medication with formula. The Balloon Will Not DeflateIf you cannot extract water from the balloon with the syringe, make sure the recess in the balloon valve is clean. The recess sometimes traps spills of formula or other material. Be sure the valve is not closed by food. Then:Clean inside the recess, then firmly seat the syringe into the valve, push, and twist one quarter turn.

Try pulling back on the plunger again. If the balloon still will not deflate, use the end of a large paper clip to depress the valve and release the water. Redness or soreness around the skin and stoma may be the result of gastric leakage. Clean and dry the area frequently. The stoma emits an odor. The skin surrounding the stoma is swollen. There is pus around the stoma. You have a fever. Skin: Granulation Tissue. The tissue area may enlarge and require treatment. If it bleeds or a large amount of tissue builds up, contact your specialist.

You may change the tube yourself if the specialist trains you to do so. Fill the balloon with 5 ml sterile or distilled water. Remove the syringe and observe the balloon.

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It should be symmetrical. Check for leaks. Remove the water from the balloon. Pull back on the plunger until all the water is out of the balloon. It may help to use a little water-soluble lubricant as you are removing it.


Gently guide the new tube into the stoma. Insert the tube all the way until it is flat against the skin. Hold the tube in place and fill the balloon with 5 ml ml for 12 French sizes distilled or sterile water. Do not use air. Wipe away fluid or lubricant from the tube and stoma. Check the tube for correct placement. Insert an extension set into the feeding port, then:Listen for air, andAspirate residual stomach contents. If you are caring for a child with a gastrostomy, the following points may help. Children Have Small Stomachs. Infants develop the capacity to hold larger feedings in their stomachs as they grow.

Mikey Says: Mikey Learns a New Trick (Mind Control Erotica)

Feedings usually begin with frequent small amounts of formula. Bolus feedings take minutes. A gravity flow system or a pump regulates a slow steady flow and leaves you free to do other things. Be patient, and gradually increase the amount of formula given during the feeding. The child may also act colicky and vomit, or burp up formula. Ask your specialist if decompression or venting is appropriate for this child.

Children Are Growing. Keep in mind that children with gastrostomies have the same basic growth and developmental needs as other children.

Children Need to Get Enough Water. Gastrostomy patients are no different from the rest of us: If the weather is warm or your child has a fever, additional water may prevent dehydration. Ask your specialist for guidelines. Children Need to Experience Food. Even though your child receives nourishment through a tube, being at the table during meals is important: It gives your child the chance to experience food.

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Encourage your child to touch and taste, just like everyone else, even if it makes a mess around the high chair. All Babies Need Oral Stimulation. Even if your child cannot suck and swallow well enough to eat, the sucking reflex is there.

Sucking seems to comfort babies. Experiment with a pacifier. As the baby grows, talk with your specialist about other opportunities for your child to chew or suck. Children Need to Move About. If your child vomits during feeding, these actions may help:Have your child sit up during feeding. NOTE: Some children have gastroesophageal reflux, causing food to flow backward up the esophagus. Place them in an upright position or at least a degree angle before feeding. Be sure the formula is mixed correctly and warm. Slow the rate of feeding or even take a short break, starting again when your child feels better flush the tube with warm water before resuming feeding.

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If the child feels nauseated, wait one to two hours and then resume the feeding at a slower rate. Infants usually receive a 10 to 15 ml flush. Your Child Develops Diarrhea. Causes of diarrhea include:Rapid formula administration — try giving the formula at a slower rate. If you do save leftover formula, always refrigerate it, and never keep it longer than 24 hours.

Changes in formula, medications, or feeding routines — these and other changes can cause constipation as well as diarrhea. Introduce changes gradually if possible. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time.