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Put Your Thumb In Action. Adding your pinkie to the mix will make certain things easier to play and facilitate a host of otherwise impossible fretboard patterns. Then expand on these patterns using the pinkie to grab higher notes along strings 1—2. Sick of the same old cowboy chords?

Try coloring them with tasty embellishments. Keep each fret-hand finger depressed for as long as possible, allowing everything to ring throughout.

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Regardless of your style, you can gain much inspiration from learning classical guitar pieces. First, the chords FIGURE 17A of this style tend to be dispersed over a wide range, with more air between their notes than found in the dense barre chords of rock music. In addition, classical guitar compositions feature lots of counterpoint, such as contrary motion, in which lines move in opposite directions FIGURE 17B.

If you constantly hit unintended notes when improvising, try some ear training. Memorize the sound of each interval by associating it with a familiar tune—for example, the Star Wars theme begins with a perfect 5th—then jam over a C chord, improvising one note at a time. Unless your name happens to be Jeff Beck, chances are your string-bending skills could use a little improvement.

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At the heart of the matter is pitch accuracy. In other words, your bent note must hit the target pitch. Next comes a dead-on half-step bend to the major 3rd. The fretted E notes are reference pitches. Your quarter-step bend should end up a little flat by comparison,but the half-step bend should match perfectly.

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In all cases, make sure you lock on to the reference pitches. Train Your Ears. It involves the mixing, or juggling, of parallel scale patterns—scales that share the same root. On paper it seems easy enough, but when you get down to it, it can be difficult to execute smooth segues from scale to scale. Start by writing out every scale you know in one key and in one area of the neck. Embellished power chords not only make for interesting substitution but also come in mighty handy for riff writing.

Power-chord add9 sounds are probably the most common substitute for power chords. Maybe the top players are trying to keep it a secret, but fret-hand vibrato can be as effective for sweetening chords as it is for shaking single-strings. Generally, the smaller the voicing, the easier to apply fret-hand vibrato. Classical vibrato involving back-and-forth rather than up-and-down motion can also be effective when applied to chords.

The next time you need an ingredient to thicken your solo soup, try a dash of unison bends. FIGURES 27C-D apply this process in reverse, taking a sequence based on triplets harmonized triads from C major and converting it into a duple subdivision here, 16th notes. Each group contains all three possible voicings of major triads. Get to know these shapes by practicing them in I-IV-V combinations in all keys.

The first two shapes here are stock A and B barre chords, but with the index finger lifted to allow the open high E and B string to ring out.

Next, we have a Dmaj7 shape with the top two strings released, followed by a Dm7 shape with the open G and high E strings sounding. Similar procedures are used in the construction of the remaining voicings. Use these shapes to kickstart your imagination. The ultimate goal is to be able to place the proper scale pattern over any chord. Seller Inventory n.

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